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To all of our customers & friends
Thank you for your patience and support during this difficult time. Here at Vicky’s Coach Trips we have been working hard over the last few days to make sense of this confusing situation with the Coronavirus and find the information given to businesses has been rather unclear.
We understand that many of our travellers are concerned and need to isolate during this time and we have put together a plan to help our little company survive these bleak months ahead, whilst also giving you flexibility to change your travel dates. We are aiming wherever possible to avoid cancelling trips – but reschedule them. So you can rest assured you will get your trip on a different date – avoiding disappointment.
You can book onto the rescheduled trip and transfer your payment over with no penalty or charges issued to you.
We are taking this situation one step at a time and we do not have a date where things will return to normal.
If you do have trips booked with us from mid April onward we would ask that you hold off calling us whilst we deal with those people booked to go out in the next couple of days and weeks. We do not know whether this situation will last three weeks, six weeks or longer, so please bear with us whilst we reschedule many cancelled trips.
We have kept our office lines open this week Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm to allow you to contact us. 01492 478516.
The travel industry is indeed in crisis at the moment and we need YOU our customers to support us through this difficult time. We are releasing holidays and day trips right through to the end of the year to allow you to plan ahead and look forward to your next outing with us. Transfer your holiday to a different date rather than cancel, keep booking with us and keep talking to us – these things will help us to come back fighting fit!
Watch out for these appearing on Facebook and our Website for you to browse.
Many of our customers are our friends too – during this difficult time we welcome you to get in touch if you need anything at all – we can (free of charge) help you or get help to you if you need shopping, medical supplies or somebody to chat with. Please don’t suffer in silence, we want to help.
A lot of our travellers will remember that only in the Summer of 2018 we went through the most unbelievable heartbreak and financial loss when our coaches were vandalised by teenagers. We got through that crisis because of your continuous support, and we have absolutely no doubt we will get through this with your help. We will be writing another post on Facebook in the next couple of hours outlining which trips are rescheduled and the new dates available to rebook those.
THANK YOU for everything. Stay safe & see you all again very soon. Vicky, Simon & Christine



This is not a complete list, we will keep you updated. If you transfer over to a rescheduled trip you will be sold at the rate you have paid with no extra charges made if the brochure price is higher    

 Sat 21st March Bury Market £14 trip going ahead (may be subject to change if the situation changes)

 If anybody would prefer to re-schedule for this Bury Market trip (no extra charge) we have the following dates available:
Fri 24th April, Sat 30th May, Sat 27th June, Wed 22nd July, Wed 12th August.
21st March – City of York & NRM – rescheduled to Sat 11th July
22-23 March – Derbyshire Delights – awaiting new dates
22 March – Lake District – rescheduled to Sun 4th October
23-27 March – Torquay – rescheduled to 4th-8th March 2021 (NEXT YEAR) Price held for those transferring from 
26 March – Nantwich Market & Dagfields – rescheduled to Thu 3rd September
28th March – Clitheroe & Brockholes – cancelled
29th March – Shugburgh National Trust – rescheduled to Sun 26th July
30th March – Bakewell’s Monday Market – rescheduled to Mon 10th August

Please feel free to contact us on 01492 478516 we are open this week Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm. Please don’t be concerned if you know somebody travelling with us who aren’t on Facebook, we will be in touch with them by telephone.